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Iv'e been waiting for a new episode and this was great!

I really wonder what chemical's you mixed together to create a blue stain like that.

This was hilarious XD

I had three brother's to deal with growing up and this bring's back a lot of memories, of all the weird and dangerous game's we made up, not necessarily good memories, but memories.

I love it, extremely well done!

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Using the touch pad on my laptop made this way harder than it should have,
still made it to level 26 though.
Maybe i'll replay it when i have my mouse.

Don't ask why but at one point in my life i got a notebook and played about 200 rounds of tic-tac-toe against myself, and i believe i can say iv'e seen every possible outcome of the game, that being say'ed this game actually (the impossible AI specifically) just goes off the same algorithm that i found to use to win almost every time, the only real flaw with that is that the AI simply dose the exact same thing every single time there's no challenge because you can't win, the best you can do is tie every single time, which i suppose is the point of the (Impossible) difficulty setting.

Decent game, its literally just tic-tac-toe.

For the size of my house i described it as "meh" so i have a meh attitude to solve my problem's.
That made me laugh way to hard. XD

Pretty good game/quiz/test though.

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Very nice, personally i didn't like a lot of the depiction's of Elsa but this one is very nice, i don't know enough about art to know what kind of style this is but i really like it.

artfullyorange responds:

Thank you! I experimented a lot with this so I was a bit unsure how it would turn out but I'm glad you like it!

(Just writing a review because i accidentally rated 3 star's when i meant to rate it 4)

Uhh yea pretty good.

Blisschild1 responds:

no worries thank you

Very nice (:

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